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Canyoning in Spain

Canyoning Spain Alpicenter

  • Seven days in beautiful Sirra de Guara area.
  • Various canyons in diverse bedrock and picturesque villages, dominated by Alquézar.
  • DATE: 15th to 22nd April 2017

Canyoning in Corsica

Canyoning Corsica Alpicenter

  • Seven-day canyoning on mountainous mediterranean island.
  • Smooth slides, high jumps, great abseils and of course good wine.
  • DATE: 13th to 20th May 2017

Rafting on Karnali, Nepal

Rafting on Karnali, Nepal Alpicenter

  • One of world's „Top Ten" most beautiful rafting rivers.
  • Nights on river beaches with views of Himalayan mountains.
  • Busy streets of Kathmandu, Nepali countryside and uninhabited areas.
  • DATE: 16th to 29th October 2016

Rafting on Zambezi, Zimbabwe

Rafting on Zambezi, Zimbabwe Alpicenter

  • Unforgettable six days on the river unspoiled by civilization.
  • Warm water and huge rapids in basalt canyon below Victoria Falls.
  • DATE: 1st December (26th November with Safari) to 9th December 2017

Rafting and travelling on Sumatra

Rafting and travelling on Sumatra, Indonesia Alpicenter

  • Four days of rafting on Binge, Wampu and Asahan rivers.
  • Rubber plantations, waterfalls, Toba lake, hike to Gunung Sibayak volcano and more...
  • DATE: 19th February to 4th March 2017

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