Canyoning in Slovenia

Canyoning is quite new adventure activity taking place in great natural environment. Water-polished slides, jumps into natural pools, swimming in crystal clear water, rappelling waterfalls of various heights as well as walking in the water. This all happens in beautiful otherwise unapproachable nature. We offer canyoning in six diverse canyons of different difficulty in Slovenia. There is few more in Italy reachable within hour and half by car from our Alpi Center base in Bovec. In the canyon you'll be taught how to abseil by your guides…

Video from canyons Sušec and Fratarica.

Easier canyons


  • Total time: 3h
  • Time in the canyon: 1,5h
  • Price: 48 Eur

Canyon without abseiling. Slides, jumps, swimming... Natural aquapark! Great place to find out what canyoning is about. For the first canyoning ever there's no better option!

Intermediate canyons

Fratarica, upper Predelica, Kozjak

  • Total time: 4h
  • Time in the canyon: 2,5h
  • Price: 82 Eur

More advanced canyon with longer time of descent and with abseils up to 30 meters. Not recommended for novices!

Advanced canyons

Globoški potok, lower Predelica

  • Total time: 5h
  • Time in the canyon: 3,5h
  • Price: 92 Eur

Canyons for experienced customers. Long time of descent, difficult acces to anchors, long approach and demanding conditions throughout the canyon require experience with this sport…
Whole Predelica: 150 EUR (total 6-7h, in the canyon 5-6h)


PRICE INCLUDES: 5mm neoprene long johns and jacket, neoprene shoes, helmet for canyoning, equiped canyoning harness (with lanyards, carabiners and belay device), guide and local fees.

PRICE DOESN'T INCLUDE: extreme sports insurance. If you need one, let us know at least one hour before the activity. Insurance price is 2 Eur/person/activity.


  • 10% for families and students. Family means one or two parents with two or more children.
  • 15% for families and students who take part on two or more activities during one stay.
  • 10% for those who take part on two or more activities during one stay.
  • Discounts can't be combined.

Discounts do not apply to ZipLine, adventure park, wine tasting, Via Ferrata equipment and Kayak school.

CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION: Alpicenter keeps the right to change the program based on weather conditions or any unusual situation that could disrupt safety of the guided activity. For water activities it's necessary to know how to swim. Participants under influence of alcohol or drugs will be excluded from the activity.

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